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Rust-kill - Rust Remover

  • High performance rust remover designed to dissolve the metal’s oxidized layer without corrosion.


  • Compared to the currently available rust remover, it has excellent rust removal performance.

  • Removes rust, carbon, contamination and oxides on various metals and brings back the metal’s original color.

  • Does not contain strong inorganic acids such as chloric acid, sulfuric acid or nitric acid.

  • When this product is used, a phosphate coating layer is formed, which not only removes existing rust but also prevents rust.

        Fe2O3(Red iron rust)          Fe3O4 (Black iron rust)
Rust Kill
        Fe2O3(Red iron rust)          Fe3O4 (Black iron rust)

Precautions : Wash thoroughly and treat with anti-corrosion material after using this item.

This item contains acid. Wear protective equipment while in use and wash skin with water when finished.

Packaging : 20kg, 200kg 

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