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  • Solvent-free polyurethane adhesive with strong bonding for styrofoam or PVC film. Stability of your styrofoam panel product can be greatly enhanced using this item.

  • Foaming of hardened adhesive is minimized and in contrast with the conventional solvent based adhesives which has the risk of dissolving the styrofoam surface, our solvent-free approach brings you the best stryofoam panels with high bonding power and high stability.

  • In  case of conventional adhesives, when the adhesive is used as a solvent, the material itself (styrofoam) melts. Therefore, the steel plate can not be fixed firmly, which causes the instability of the final product (panel).



  • DS-100 solved the problem of melting the material with this liquid type solventless urethane adhesive. Therefore, it shows very strong adhesion.


  • Currently our customer’s styrofoam panels are used in Korea’s major automobile company, Kia Motors Co., Ltd, to be used in producing box trucks.


  • It can be applied to any place where solid panel is needed as well as adhesive for refrigerant panel. ​

  • Drying process is not needed after applying the adhesive and before putting the substrates together.

  • Environmentally friendly, using castor oil as main ingredient.


Polyurethane adhesive - Styrofoam Panel Adhesive

  • Use : Production of Styrofoam panels for Box Trucks or construction 


  • Packaging : 20kg, 200kg


  • Product Name : DS-100, H-100(hardener)

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