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Welcome to SunYoung ST

             - Chemistry for the Future -

Thank you for having interest in SunYoung ST. 


We are established in 2005 after achieving core technology of the fluorescence / photocatalyst fusion. We have continued to grow and develop with the continuous care and love of our customers.

We have the world's best manufacturing and coating technology of photocatalyst. We have been investing in R & D for many years and have been able to produce peelable paint, coatings of inkjet prints showing the world's highest resolution, coating for panels, rust remover, and other various fine chemical products. We are proud to introduce ourselves as a "specialized company for functional coatings".  

With the vision of being a company that grows with customers with unique and differentiated technology, SunYoung ST will continue to face new challenges for the future.


We firmly believe that our technology will work to provide innovative value that will enhance the quality of life for consumers.


CEO of SunYoung ST             DongHwan Lee

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